Microsoft's Zune HD Gets Windows Live Messenger

While the Zune HD may still be missing the applications store that many would have liked to see, that's not stopping Microsoft from releasing an important option. If you're a fan of Microsoft's Windows Live Messenger service, and you still know a few people out there that use it, then hopefully you've got a Zune HD to enjoy the application that Microsoft just unveiled. The app brings a lot of the same functionality as the desktop version, so it isn't a scaled down, disappointing version.

You'll be able to show off the music you're currently listening to, as well as check on social networking updates. Better yet, though, is the ability to check up with your Facebook friends, thanks to the integrated Facebook Chat option. The application is free, and you can pick it up from the app portal on your Zune HD, or through the Zune Software if you're already at your PC.

[via Windows Experience Blog]