The Daily Slash: May 23 2011

It's review central! It's also feature central over the past few days, we've got so many unique posts that your head will burst! Android is the OS that's bringing on this heavy wave, handheld devices and tablets in kind, both here on SlashGear and over on Android Community from several different manufacturers and carriers both inside the USA and internationally. Also we're getting pretty pumped up about a couple of tablets coming out of the jungle: Amazon Hollywood and Coyote, both of them working with NVIDIA, the bigger of the two running the soon to be released quad-core NVIDIA Kal-El chipset with infinite power!

We've got the dual-core LG Optimus 3D Review, the dual-core Motorola Droid X2 Review, and a dual-core HTC Sensation Review. There's also two takes of the HTC Flyer Wifi-only version from Best Buy. We've got a lifestyle-aimed version of a review here on and a rather detail-oriented review over on Android Community.

Next we've got a collection of columns from a variety of minds: Smart Tech Advice: Buy Early, Buy Often by Don Reisinger, Wherefore Art Thou, TiVo? by Philip Berne, and I Don't Hate You, I Just Want To Kill You by Philip Berne again. Keep on analyzing then with Ben Bajarin in two articles, one by the name of Why Do I Pay for Advertising Supported TV, the other called Twitter and Facebook must learn from LinkedIn's IPO success!

You'll want to continue on the the following must-read stories to stay up to date on the oddities of this tech world:

AT&T HTC Holiday revealed: 4.5-inch qHD and dual-core CPUFoxconn iPad 2 plant explosion [Video] [Updated]Kindle ebook sales exceed print sales in USLG P930 1280 x 720 Android smartphone tippedSamsung Galaxy S II vs HTC Sensation [VIDEO]Android Community App of the Week: Bang Bang Racing THDAnd finally I've got a question for you, feel free to comment below, email in your answers, or set up some responses on Facebook: Which devices that are soon to be released, be they mobile or otherwise, would you like us to review in the near future?