The Daily Slash: April 8th, 2011

A few very important things happened today, and you've gotta know all of them in order to go forth from this point. Seriously, you've gotta know if you plan on knowing what's going on in the world from this point forward. The first of them, for example, is the fact that Andy Rubin has been promoted to one of the 7 new Senior Vice President spots on Google's board of heads. Rubin is the fellow who you might know better as the originator of Android – now he's one spot away from the top of Google. Power!

Next you've got to know how close we are to the launch of the greatest game ever made – Portal 2 is Almost Here! So close we can taste it. Next grasp some real-world knowledge with everyone's favorite knowledge dropper Philip Berne in "She Gets the Furniture, I'm Keeping Fringe." Then back out of reality with everyone grabbing their own live channel on YouTube – YouTube Live Streaming officially launches. Finally everyone in the world can tell their horrible opinions to everyone else with no loading and saving between them!

Your daily iPad 2 updates include a Maine school where kindergarteners are picking up their iPad 2s for free. They'd better be on the lookout for Verizon Roaming Bugs. While you're in Apple mode, get taught by none less than main man Chris Davies in another installment of SlashGear 101: What is Apple FaceTime? Then for everything earlier in the morning, hit up the Morning Wrap-Up.

BONUS something you don't need to know but will be glad you took the time to learn about - the PXL 2000 - a camera that records to cassette tapes – find out all the weird details courtesy of our resident oddity locator mister Kevin Fubar (pronounced "FOO-bar".)