The Daily Slash: April 7th 2010

It's Wednesday. And interestingly enough, we're probably not the only ones considering today "the day before." The day before what? Well, it's the day before we get to fire up our legendary, homegrown liveblogging system again. We'll be at the iPhone OS 4.0 event, and hopefully you'll join us as we detail what's going down with the latest software update from Cupertino. Until then, we've got tonight's Daily Slash. As we go forth, we'll look into the best of the best in the R3 Media's network. And in the dredge net, we've got the most notorious eReader rumored to make a retail appearance soon, and we have Nintendo telling the world that the iPad isn't for gaming. Then we've got lightsabers that will save your from the dark. And finally, a cellphone that goes way out of its way to be ridiculous.The Best of R3 Media:The MyTouch Slide Shows Up in RadioShack: No, no. Not in stores. Well, not where you can get to them as a consumer, anyway. It looks like the MyTouch Slide has popped into a RadioShack inventory list. Unfortunately, the internal list doesn't have a picture (because we're hoping it doesn't look like this), and it's listed as coming soon. That soon seems pretty . . . Soon, especially if those rumors of a May 17th launch date turn out to be true. [via Android Community]Apple's iPad Gets Reviewed: The iPad is one of those devices that's going to keep getting scrutinized for quite some time. If the iPhone is any indicator, it will keep getting scrutinized up until about the next one comes out, and maybe even past that. But, that's not stopping the glowing reviews from being issued. Everything iPad reviewed the tablet from Apple, and while there might be some snags (that may get cleared up tomorrow), the overall assessment is that the new gadget from Cupertino is a nice addition to their line-up. [via Everything iPad]Verizon Wireless Has New Phones Coming Soon: Who would've thought! Sure enough, there seems to be enough rumors floating around (or swirling around in a gigantic storm, if you prefer) that Verizon Wireless executives needed to push out a message to employees that they do, in fact, have some new handsets planned for release soon. There's even more rumors about what the devices may be, and let's face it: there's good reason for those rumors. From the Android side of things, it could be an internal message saying that the HTC Incredible is set to launch soon. Or, if you want to remember Microsoft's got something planned on April 12th, we could very well be seeing the Turtle and Pure hitting shelves soon. Your guess is as good as ours. [via SlashPhone]The Dredge Net:Amazon Kindle Hitting Target Stores April 25th: We wouldn't be going out on too far a limb here if we were going to assume that Amazon, the house that built the Kindle, is a bit worried about the iPad. Yes, the Kindle may still be one of the best, if not the best singular eReader device on the market, but with the launch of the iBookstore and iBooks, the Kindle has some major competition. So, what's the next step (besides launching a new device)? You start selling your product in brick-and-mortar stores. According to a snapshot of a Target inventory device, there's a 6-inch Amazon Kindle device listed for purchase. The price? $259 (still). Rumor has it that the device will hit stores on April 25th. [via Engadget]Nintendo's Reggie Fils-Aime Says the iPad Isn't a Threat: First, this: "Clearly, it doesn't look like their platform is a viable profit platform..." That's the start of a very interesting quote from the President of Nintendo of America Reggie Fils-Aime. The rest goes on to say that, because there's more free downloads than paid ones, the iPad (and iPhone/iPod Touch by default) isn't a threat to Nintendo, or any of its mobile gaming platforms. We'd have to second guess that a bit, considering reports from companies like Flurry, which tracks sales from Apple's mobile devices, estimated that there were 30,000 games available in the App Store, and that all of those games bring in an estimated $500 million. Perhaps to Nintendo that's a low number, but we don't imagine that Apple, or Steve Jobs for that matter, is wondering if their platforms are gaming worthy. [via Kotaku]Lightsaber Nightlight Will Keep You Safe From Shifty Sith: Are you a fan of Star Wars? No, a real fan. Because this nightlight is even worse than the bookends we've seen in previous editions of the Daily Slash. Well, perhaps worse isn't the right word, but we will say that this is definitely a product for the hardcore. (Though, we could be wrong.) This lightsaber nightlight actually has seven different color modes, and you can change the color just from a button on a separate remote. The lightsaber light itself hangs on the wall, wherever you want to put it, and it looks like it might do a pretty good job of actually discarding some of those shadows. [via DVICE]This Cellphone is Made of Marble. Really: There's nothing much else to add here. This is a cellphone, made of marble. And yes, it's going to be expensive. And yes, you'll be stared at by pretty much everyone if you actually even think about getting this. A cellphone. Made from marble.  What's next? We're almost afraid to ask. [via Gizmodo]