Snow Leopard and Safari 4 screenshots surface

Snow Leopard and Safari 4 screenshots surface

Snow Leopard and Safari 4 screenshot has shown up on a German site As you might recall, some developers who signed NDA at WWDC 08 get to peek into the new upcoming OS.

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iPhone firmware V. 2.0 Beta 3 – first looks

The latest update to the iPhone’s firmware beta has become available and our own Vincent Nguyen has gotten his hands on it. The build number is 5A240d, Vincent has been running the second version of the beta for a couple of weeks and he said he immediately noticed a major improvement in system stability after upgrading to this latest firmware.

New enhancements include being able to save images from safari as well as the ability to search your contacts. They also apparently fixed a lot of the bugs that were found in the second beta release.

There are also some other new features included such as more settings for your calendar and a lot of new mail settings. Vincent is apparently also toying around with PWNAGE with the iPhone Dev Team reporting that these days cracking the latest firmware is as simple as doing “a simple byte search”. So, it’s nice to see things moving along in both the official and unofficial iPhone development worlds.

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Obviously this one wasn’t thought through: Apple Safari Edition

Remember how Apple snuck a Safari install on many unsuspecting Windows users through the iTunes update last week? Which then caused major uproar and outrage all over the blogosphere? Well it turns out that by doing so, Apple unwittingly made every Windows Safari convert violate Apple’s own licensing agreement.


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