Xbox Cloud Gaming Beta released to Windows 10, iPhone, iPad

This week Microsoft's bringing Xbox Cloud Gaming to a variety of machines in a limited Beta. Information comes from Catherine Gluckstein, VP and Head of Product, Cloud Gaming at Microsoft, who announced this new limited beta release. According to Gluckstein, there'll be a limited beta in Chrome and Edge browsers, to start – so it'll roll with as wide a variety of devices as possible right from the get-go.

Both Chrome and Edge browsers for Windows 10 PCs as well as "the Safari browser for Apple Mobile phones and tablets" will gain access to this new Xbox Cloud Gaming limited beta this week. The session will begin on Tuesday, the 20th of April, 2021. If you'd like to take a peek, head over to xbox dot com slash play. This limited beta will NOT be open to all – but it isn't a "closed" beta as such.

To begin, this beta will be a limited, "invite-only beta" – and the first people to be invited will be Xbox Game Pass Ultimate members. So if you're looking for said invite, you might want to get onboard with Xbox Game Pass Utimate to get your chance.

Invitations will begin to be sent to Xbox Game Pass Ultimate members this week. The first wave will likely appear on Tuesday morning, and will expand through the week and "over time in the 22 supported countries." If you head to the Xbox Game Streaming (Preview) Support Hub you'll see all the buttons you need to tap to take a peek at this latest preview. You might also want to take a peek at the Xbox Insiders subReddit.

This first session is in place so that Microsoft can "test, learn and iterate on the experience fueled by feedback from participants." So don't jump in expecting that all your save data to run into the future – it might not!