Spotify web player support for Safari browser finally returns

A few years ago, Spotify suddenly dropped support for the Safari browser, forcing macOS users to either listen to their favorite music using a different browser or the Mac Spotify app. That has quietly changed in recent days, users have noticed, once again giving Safari users the option of streaming music, podcasts, and other content directly through Apple's web browser.

Spotify dropped Safari support back in September 2017; the loss wasn't monumental as users could still download and use the official Mac app or a different browser. This was still an annoying change — that happened without explanation — for users who preferred to avoid installing unnecessary apps and wanted to stay within Apple's software ecosystem.

Spotify had never explained by it removed the Safari support, though some had suspected that it was over the Widevine copy protection plugin, which may have been causing some technical issues when it came to Safari. Now, and similarly without explanation, support for the web player has returned.

The change was first spied by users on Reddit and is verified by the Spotify website, which once again lists Safari as one of the web browsers supported by the web player. It's unclear when, exactly, the browser support returned.

This is the latest of multiple changes announced by Spotify. Earlier this week, the company announced that its standalone Spotify Kids app now features new parental controls that enable parents to view the content their child has been listening to and block anything that isn't appropriate. The app requires a Premium subscription, however.