T-Mobile will reportedly showcase its iPhone tomorrow

Brian Sin - Mar 25, 2013, 7:06pm CDT
T-Mobile will reportedly showcase its iPhone tomorrow

It looks like T-Mobile may be showcasing its iPhone tomorrow afterall. Sources have told CNET that the iPhone will play a major role in T-Mobile’s event tomorrow. T-Mobile will reportedly use the iPhone 5 to promote the launch of its LTE network, which is set for tomorrow. While T-Mobile may be showing off the iPhone at its event, it won’t likely be releasing it anytime soon.

T-Mobile is gearing up to launch its LTE Network in 8 different cities. T-Mobile has delayed the launch of its LTE network for quite some time, and it is falling massively behind other carriers. Its LTE network is expected to give users an average 25Mbps download speeds an 8Mbps upload speeds. Previous screenshots, however, showed T-Mobile’s LTE network capable of reaching up to 60Mbps download speeds.

T-Mobile will also be discussing its transition into the new Uncarrier model. Yesterday, it got rid of its original 2-year contract structure and launched a series of affordable, contract-free value plans. You are now able to get unlimited talk, text, and any amount of data for a small fee. All tiered data plans come with free mobile hotspot. You can also get unlimited talk, text, and data for only $70 a month (sans mobile hotspot).

The iPhone will be instrumental for T-Mobile’s success. Many users have migrated away from T-Mobile because its the only major carrier that doesn’t offer the iPhone. Even carriers like Virgin Mobile USA sell the device. By launching the iPhone on its network, T-Mobile should be able to attract even more subscribers, especially with its new low-priced plans. Tomorrow, we’ll give you an update on everything that T-Mobile has planned out for the future, and hopefully we will also be able to get you an official release date for its iPhone.

[via CNET]

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