Syrian Electronic Army targets The Guardian's Twitter accounts

The Syrian Electronic Army has struck again, and this time they decided to hack into several accounts belonging to The Guardian. A couple of the accounts hacked were @GuardianBusiness and @GuardianFilm, and they were used to send out tweets promoting the Syrian Electronic Army. This is the latest attack coming from the SEA, and is most likely not their last. This recent hit should speed up Twitter's process of implementing a two-factor authentication system.Twitter and the Syrian Electronic Army have launching blows against each other these past few weeks, but it seems like the SEA is in the lead. Twitter shut down the SEA's official Twitter account, but that did nothing to stop the group from making a new one. It seems as though the group is up to their 12th "official account". In the time that Twitter began banning the SEA's accounts, the SEA has managed to hack into both The Guardian's accounts as well as the Associated Press's.

With the Associated Press's Twitter account, the Syrian Electronic Army tweeted, "Breaking: Two Explosions in the White House and Barack Obama is injured." Not only did that false tweet cause fear among the Associated Press's followers, it dropped the DOW by 150 points as well. Luckily the Associated Press was able to handle the situation within only a few minutes.

Before the Associated Press attack, the Syrian Electronic Army also hacked into several of CBS's accounts, BBC's accounts, FIFA's accounts, NPR's accounts, and the Human Rights Watch's accounts. The Guardian is currently working on restoring their accounts and changing their security credentials. But many are wondering who will be the next target in the Syrian Electronic Army's consecutive attacks.

[via AllThingsD]