AP Twitter account hacked with fake White House explosion claim

The Associated Press's Twitter account was hacked today after a tweet was sent out from the account that read, "Breaking: Two Explosions in the White House and Barack Obama is injured." The Associated Press responded shortly after saying that its Twitter account had been compromised, and now the account has been suspended, but it should be back up shortly after Twitter and the AP resolve the issue.

The fake tweet was noticed by the AP fairly quickly, and several of their other Twitter accounts tweeted out that the hacked AP tweet was indeed bogus. However, many people were quick to shoot down the claim anyway, since the tweet wasn't in AP style formatting in the first place, and no other mainstream news outlets were reporting on it.

The AP always puts "breaking" in all caps in their tweets, and they also use a service called SocialFlow to publish their tweets, whereas the fake tweet was sent out through the "web," meaning it was sent through Twitter's website rather than a third-party service like SocialFlow. Plus, the tweet was in title case, which the AP and other news sources never use.

In the end, it took only three minutes for the fake tweet to be officially denied by the AP, with the account being suspended just four minutes later. This is quite a fast response, but we shouldn't expect nothing less of a news source like the AP, who is constantly keeping an eye on their social media feeds.

[via The Next Web]