Super Bowl 2013 Streaming Video Sources: A Brief Guide

This Super Bowl Sunday you're going to be working with slim pickings as far as choices for real live streams of the big game, but they do indeed exist. You can certainly go ahead and watch the game on your television with a regular ol' cable connection, of course, and that will bring you the highest-definition delivery without a doubt. But if you're all about the web and maybe even don't have a massive television or cable to connect, the internet will be your friend all day long.

Streaming Game Sources Online

If you head over to the CBS Sports home page and click on over to their /SuperBowl/ portal, you'll be able to see the whole game live. This is going to be your number one try-first link without a doubt, everything else being a thing you try only if you've already tried CBS and it's failed. Another place you're going to want to head if you're all about pre-game action is NFL's own web space where they've got some Road to the Super Bowl video now and through the future.

11AM EST Road to the Super Bowl

NOON EST Wynton Marsalls Special

1PM EST Phil Simms All-Iron Team

2PM The Super Bowl Today special

6PM Kickoff Show

6:30PM EST Super Bowl XLVII – be there!

Mobile App Game Streaming Sources

If you're a Verizon user and you've subscribed to NFL Mobile, you're in luck – the whole game will be streamed through your smartphone. This app is a Verizon exclusive and does cost a monthly fee, but you're also going to be able to pick up every bit of NFL action across the board all year long as well.

With a device like the Motorola DROID RAZR HD you're also going to be able to output the video you get to your HDTV with a microHDMI cord – and you're back in the big time again! You can use this app on Android or iOS – it's all good!

BONUS: You'll also find that Apple has revealed an iTunes NFL Super Bowl XLVII guide with every awesome app, video, and potential game-day album you could possibly want!

Connected Oddities / Statistics / Guides / Games

The group known as LiveFyre is showing a feed with hashtag #SB47 to keep you up to date on every single social networking blast from sources around the world all the way up to and through the SuperBowl. It's got images and text coming in un-censored from everyone in the world, so be wary of the content, but it's also rather unique and fun! If you need information about the game before, during, or at the actual event, you'll want to pick up the Super Bowl XLVII Guide app for Android and/or iOS.

Exclusive to iOS are the following three Super Bowl apps with more data, statistics, video, and everything in-between than you can handle! First you'll want to check out NFL Game Pass as it is another live stream source for the game, this time for international viewers and ex-pats (Canada and Mexico excluded – sorry y'all!) Second you'll want to see the SB XLVII Guide for massive amounts of data pre-game and the Super Bowl XLVII Official NFL Game Program all throughout game day!

If you're getting wild and restless in your wait this weekend and you're not all about commercials, you'll want to check out a few official-licensed games from the NFL as well, starting with the NFL Shuffle, that being another iOS exclusive. Games such as NFL Quarterback '13, NFL Kicker '13, and of course Madden NFL Social are available for multiple platforms, also all included in the official Super Bowk XLVII: Official Apps & Games listing in iTunes for iPhone and iPad.

Let us know if you happen across any other legitimate excellence in app or online streaming form up until the big game day – and be sure to affirm you're rooting for the right team!