Sunset Overdrive White Xbox One spotted on French website

Jealous of the game-themed special editions for the PlayStation 4 coming out of Japan but are more of an Xbox fan? Be jealous no longer as the Xbox One will soon be getting its due. French retailer's short-lived listing just confirmed leaks that the fabled white Xbox One will really soon be available in players' hands, together with a copy of the upcoming Sunset Overdrive game.

The White Xbox One is almost like a fabled unicorn, elusive and almost always out of reach. Although this color variant was later proven to be real, it remained outside of regular players' grasp as it was offered only as an incentive to Microsoft employees. However, there has been word that Microsoft might soon be bundling this rare console with an upcoming title.

That title happens to be Sunset Overdrive, a third-person shooter being developed by Insomaniac Games and published by, of course, Microsoft Studios. The game drops players into a dystopian future, where they get to play as the "clean up guy" for a company's literally world-changing frat party gone wrong. Gameplay footage of the game was revealed last June at E3 while multiplayer details have been published just last month.

Considering that Sunset Overdrive won't be out in stores until later this year, around October if it arrives on time, it won't be until much later before we get to see this White Xbox One on retail, if it is really coming. Based on the product page, the console bundle will cost 399.99 EUR, which roughly translates to $540.

VIA: Eurogamer