Sunset Overdrive gameplay released at E3 2014

Chris Burns - Jun 9, 2014, 12:29pm CDT
Sunset Overdrive gameplay released at E3 2014

This week the folks behind Sunset Overdrive have revealed their first full gameplay action for the public. This game will include both a single player mode and an 8-player co-op mode. We’ll see this game launching for the Xbox One exclusively on October 28th, 2014.

What you’ll see here is both a single-player bit of action and an 8-player co-op bit with a character called the Hurker. This is a massive beast of disgusting puss-filled action, far larger than your average mutant. This is Chaos Squad.

NOTE: This trailer was created by the folks at Blur Studio, creators of some of the finest game trailers from the past several years!

Insomniac Games are showing this game as a sort of mix between Tony Hawk Pro Skater and Saint’s Row. There’ll certainly be adult themes, and more than a tiny amount of grinding.

This game has seen its fair share of teasers this year as well. Have a peek at the timeline below for more information on Sunset Overdrive, and stay tuned as SlashGear hits E3 2014 all week long. You’ll certainly see more Sunset Overdrive by the time this week is through.

UPDATE: Far, FAR too quickly to have been a capture and immediate upload and share, the Xbox channel on YouTube has a the same gameplay “played” onstage at E3 less than an hour ago. Looks good, yes, but keep that in mind – it wasn’t played live.

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