Watch Sunset Overdrive's ultra-crazy multiplayer gameplay immediately

This morning the folks behind Sunset Overdrive have revealed a whole lot more about their multiplayer experience, starting with notes on how you'll be switching back and forth between single and multiplayer seamlessly. Your accomplishments in single-player move over to multiplayer and vice-versa, creating an excellent experience for those that play as much in one universe as they do in the other.

Sunset Overdrive was introduced earlier this year as a madness-inducing mix-up of open-world exploration and grinding. You'll be playing from a 3rd-person perspective, running around a zombie-infested world full of extremely bright colors and guns that launch energy drinks. This game will be launching exclusively on Xbox One (for now).

The game demo you see above shows how the multiplayer experience will roll out, including the selection of a new sort of mission each time the previous one is completed. This selection screen has voting enacted to choose the mission most players on a team want to take on. Multiplayer games consist of 8 players at a time (for now).

We say "(for now)" because games like these are subject to change, especially well before launching. We'll see this game launch on October 28th, 2014 in at least two editions: normal and Day One edition. This game will be pushed via online distributors and in-person at your favorite physical gaming store as well.