Street by 50 in-ear Wired Headphones from SMS Audio Review

This week we've got our hands on the two-toned plastic earbud entry into the Street by 50 lineup for SMS Audio. These little buds are the most mobile-minded companion to the Bluetooth headphones we reviewed several weeks ago (Sync by 50), and the whole SMS Audio lineup with 50 Cent's name on them appear and sound rather alike. Thusly what we'll do here is let you know the differences between the headphones and the earbuds as well as discussing the sound quality as we did with that set before – get ready for more blue cables, zippers, and logos than you can handle!

These buds take the many lessons SMS Audio has clearly learned over the years and pushes forward a well-tuned piece of hardware that certainly will not fail you in the long-lasting equipment department. The buds are both 11mm "professionally tuned" drivers which send out relatively clear sound, amped-up bass, and a well-rounded collection of highs and mids that will not have any average citizen in MP3-land feeling any less than satisfied unless they're what they call an audiophile. For those of you who spend your whole day, start to finish, listening to and tuning audio products, it's important to note that these earbuds are not really made for you.

Instead these phones are made to be adopted en-masse with a sound quality that is made to be powerful. This means, again, that the bass is punched up and that you'll find the whole range just a bit more full of hard contrast, so to speak, when you compare these sound blasters to a pair of wooden earbuds like the thinksound ms01 Monitor Series we reviewed some weeks ago.

The speaker wire that connects these buds is fabulous – it's flat and a bit rubbery so you'll not have a whole lot of trouble with tangling, and if it does end up tangling with your other cords, you'll know which is which. The bright and ultra-strong blue color here will have you standing out in the crowd. Whoever was responsible for the final color choices on the 50 Cent line from SMS Audio knew exactly what they were doing when they punched up the blues, that's for sure.

You get several pairs of different-sized replaceable earbuds with this package as well as an airplane two-pronged converter for the jet setter in you, each of them providing essentially the same sound quality in the end – just so long as you're fit right.

You can pick up the Street by 50 In-ear Wired Headphones from your local record store or audio shop for right around $119.99 right this second – go grab em! They're also up on SMS by 50's online shop right this moment as well.