SMS Audio SYNC by 50 and STREET by 50 headphones revealed

When it comes to high fidelity audio, who better to trust than the musicians that create the music you're listening to – that concept kept alive here again today by none other than rapper 50 Cent with a few new headphones appearing right on time for the holiday season. There's two main models, one being SYNC by 50, a pair of wireless headphones, and STREET by 50, wired headphones so you don't loose em while you're out on what the name suggests, the street. Both pairs of phones are up for pre-order now and will be shipped by December 5th, 2011.

What you're going to get here with the SYNC by 50 are a pair of custom-acoustically tuned headphones that are able to deliver what the team at SMS by 50 call non-compressed CD-quality audio. Inside is Kleer technology offering you 16-bit digital sound as well as long batter life, low to no interference and next to no feedback. Both SYNC and STREET have undeniably high-quality audio blasting through the earpieces, but the Kleer makes that sound work with no wires.

The SYNC by 50 phones have 40mm drivers and are tuned to bring nothing but the best, and with its included 3.5mm wireless transmitter boasting a 50-foot range, you can walk around your house like a maniac with noone else the wiser. With Kleer technology you'll also be able to have up to four listeners with their own SYNC headphones listening to the same source at the same time. I can't imagine a use for that feature, but it sounds fun!

There's an "S" indicator light on the phones to show you when you're all synced up and ready to listen wirelessly, and you've got 17 hours of battery life in these mothers so you don't have to worry about stopping in the middle of an album. SYNC comes in two colors, Shadow Black and Ghost White, and each pair have memory-foam cushions wrapped in leather to keep your head comfortable while you jam. Adaptors, wireless transmitter, hard-shell carrying case, micro USB charging cable, and wired microphone cable are also included.

Both headphone sets are available right this moment for pre-order and they've got, again, an ESTIMATED ship date of December 5th. If you need these for holiday gifts, I suggest you act quickly. Prices on these phones are MSRP of $399.95 for the SYNC and $299.95 for the STREET and you can pick them up over at right this second. Then get to waiting by downloading a bunch of 50's albums from the Android Market.