SteamOS Music, TV, Movie deals imminent: Valve's big media bid

Mentioned almost as a footnote in today's release on their larger SteamOS headline, Valve has let it be known that they're entering into deals for multimedia delivery as well. Speaking on music, TV, and movies specifically, Valve has suggested that both SteamOS and Steam – the software client you use on your Windows, Mac, or Linux machine today – will be working with new media services soon. This set of services will likely converge on apps like Netflix and Hulu, while it's possible Valve will be bringing on their own media additions to their already successful Steam Store for games.

What you'll find with Valve's push this week is the word "openness" mentioned more than a few times. The company is all about making their own ability to be a platform that exists on multiple different systems to be a centerpiece of their campaign for gaming dominance. Just recently they announced "Family Sharing", a system in which users are able to share the games they've purchased with family members whilst keeping their own in-game accomplishments separate from the pack – this system is also integrated in to SteamOS.

Now with music, TV, and movies, it's quite possible Steam will be running the whole system through their upcoming hardware bid. They've made clear that SteamOS will be available for download for free for prospective users and will be freely licensable as an operating system for manufacturers.

This is just the first of three announcements, this SteamOS, so the following two are likely centering in on hardware and services therein. There's nothing like a good launch of an operating system to get the world looking at the products you've already got on the market. Right now this means Steam Boxes – several of which have already peeked their head up before SteamOS was revealed.

Have a peek at the timeline below for more information on what Steam may be working with in the near future. Until later this week (less than 48 hours from the time this article is posted) when we get more info from Valve itself. Stay tuned!