Star Wars 7 details appear in a beat-up X-Wing

The article you're about to partake in is not a spoiler for Star Wars Episode 7. Instead, it contains a video shared by J.J. Abrams with a couple of Star Wars 7 elements which reveal very little about the plot – you'll be safe. It does bring the fun, on the other hand, so dive in.

The video you're seeing here is part of the Star Wars: Force for Change series which we've been peeking at over the past several weeks. We also saw some aliens as well as John Stewart and Stephen Colbert in a battle for top fan. The whole group is aiming to bring cash to UNICEF while one ultimate winner gets to be in a scene for Star Wars 7.

Above you'll see a Blue-tinged X-Wing as well as a Mouse Droid. The only other place you'll find a Mouse Droid in the original Star Wars trilogy is aboard the Death Star. Generally a Mouse Droid is tied aesthetically to The Empire.

As for the blue X-Wing – things are a bit more complicated. Blue could mean nothing, of course – or it could be pointing toward a resurgence of a classic squad of fighters.

Luke Skywalker was originally assigned to Blue Squadron in Star Wars: A New Hope. Once it was realized that the color blue on the ships would not work especially well with the then-blue bluescreens being used for special effects, Blue Squadron was re-named Red Squadron, and Luke Skywalker became Red Five.

Above you'll see an epic A-Wing concept painting by the legendary king of all Star Wars pre-vis art, Ralph McQuarrie.

Blue Squadron survived in the background, on the other hand, fighting in each of the major battles in the Star Wars film universe with the Rebellion. Blue Squadron pilots turned up in the battle of Endor, especially, generally flying A-Wings and B-Wings.

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