See LEGO recreate the Star Wars 7 cast

Chris Burns - Jun 26, 2014
See LEGO recreate the Star Wars 7 cast

The digital mock-up team behind LEGO’s video exploits have re-created a now-iconic photo of the cast for the next Star Wars film. In it, you’ll see the first chat between all of the primary cast members for Star Wars 7. This photo recreation replicates, modifies, and improves on the original.

Below you’ll see two thumbnail images, one of the original photo with the cast, the other with the updated LEGO cast. Click to see them as large as they were originally shared.

You’ll see each of the actors that’ve been Star Wars characters in the past transformed into their Star Wars character selves. Mark Hamill is the Return of the Jedi Luke Skywalker, Anthony Daniels has been transformed into C-3PO, shine and all.

Harrison Ford is converted to his original Han Solo uniform, while R2-D2 (hopefully not with Kenny Baker inside) is changed to his modern LEGO R2-D2 self – with a shinier head than the standard release. Carrie Fisher gets extra-fancy with her Slave Leia outfit from the Jabba’s Sail Barge LEGO set.

There’s a computer on the table in the center of the LEGO image that’s not present in the original photo. In it you’ll see two dates, one (4-29-2014) corresponding to the date of the original “full cast” being announced. The second date (12-18-2014) is the projected release date for Star Wars 7 in theaters in the USA and in most of the rest of the world.

You might also be wondering if LEGO will be making sets for Star Wars 7 when it arrives next year. If LEGO sales of Star Wars sets is any indication, LEGO will keep making Star Wars bricks for the rest of time. Rest easy – you’ll see the character versions of the whole Star Wars 7 cast sooner than later!


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