Star Wars 7 summons Stewart and Colbert for ultimate fan battle

Chris Burns - Jul 18, 2014
Star Wars 7 summons Stewart and Colbert for ultimate fan battle

The war of the comedic news anchors / interview personalities begins between Jon Stewart and Stephen Colbert, a war in the stars. Letting the world know once again about the Omaze-handled Star Wars Force For Change campaign, Colbert and Stewart have a lightsaber battle to see who is, once and for all, the biggest Star Wars fan of all.

They know the trivia facts – 2187 is, after all, the correct cell number – but do they have the skill to take one another out in a true lightsaber battle? As it turns out, the force is strong with both Stewart and Colbert, as one chops the other in half, but the other re-appears as Princess Leia. It’s a mini-duel for the ages, without a doubt.

Once you’re past the giggles, you’ll want to have a peek at a bit more information on Star Wars Force For Change, a program which is aiming to raise cash for UNICEF. Benefitting UNICEF Innovation Labs and Programs, the folks at Disney, Lucasfilm, and others are pushing a crowd-funding sort of venture on the world. At Omaze’s Star Wars page you’ll find a number of possibilities in cash trade for oddities.

You could pay a whopping $25k to see an advance preview screening of Star Wars: Episode VII at Lucasfilm, or you could pay just $50k to have an advance private screening of Star Wars: Episode VII in or near your hometown (with 20 guests, of course). Of course you could also just drop $10 to be named a Star Wars: Force for Change Founding Member if that’s your thing.

Every one of these levels includes at least one entry into the random drawing to appear in the final Star Wars movie cut. The winner will be flown to London with a friend, meet the cast, and be filmed in a scene for the movie. That’s hot.

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