Standalone Kinect For Xbox One Priced For October 7th

The standalone Kinect sensor for Xbox One will hit stores on October 7th, Microsoft has confirmed, giving those gamers who initially opted for the console without the motion sensor bar to subsequently upgrade. Microsoft began offering Xbox One in a Kinect-free bundle earlier this year, a desire for sales seemingly overtaking its previous adamance that the sensor was an integral part of the console's experience.

Since that point, Microsoft says, sales of Xbox One have doubled, with demand for both Kinect and Kinect-free models going up.

Still, there's a fair possibility that some drawn in by a cheaper Xbox One might later on want a Kinect, and $149.99 will get them one, bundled with Dance Central Spotlight as a digital download.

Meanwhile, the Kinect 2 sensor for Windows PCs – built on the same technology as the Xbox One's version, but with drivers for Windows 8.1 – began shipping in July. Microsoft isn't short on ambition for the sensor, envisaging future integration with Cortana as well as usefulness in the smart home.

Whether the mixed show of confidence for Kinect in gaming will undermine the accessory remains to be seen, however. It's perhaps notable that all of Microsoft's Xbox One bundles recently announced at Gamescon came without Kinect.

SOURCE Microsoft