Xbox One without Kinect release set for June 9th

It would appear that Microsoft is preparing to take on the gaming market with the Xbox One without their motion-detecting Kinect. This is a bit of a surprise move, as previous to today it was generally accepted as hard-and-fast fact that the Kinect would always be delivered with the console. With this package, the console will cost a cool $399.

This price point puts the Xbox One in direct competition – or more direct, that is – with the PlayStation 4. The PlayStation 4 also costs $399 and is delivered without its PlayStation 4 camera in the box.

The Xbox One console without Kinect will not be offered with packaged games at the start. We can expect that this Kinect-less Xbox One will be offered with game packages closer to the end of the year – while most game-in packages will continue with the Kinect-included model for the near future.

The Xbox One without Kinect in the package will be sold starting June 9th. We do not know at the moment which stores will receive the Kinect-less package first, but you can bet that this model will hit online portals sooner than later.

VIA: Xbox News