Sprint dual-touchscreen Kyocera Echo unveiled today?

Sprint's surprise device later today will be a dual-touchscreen Android smartphone with a clever pivoting hinge, according to the latest leaks, with the double displays used for multitasking. That's the word from the WSJ's sources, who claim the Kyocera Echo smartphone will bridge the handset and tablet segments.

Functionally, the Echo is expected to either multitask, with an app to each display, or to allow items to be dragged between panes. The hinge – which we're assuming is a double-jointed arrangement – will apparently allow the Echo to be folded with one screen flat behind the other, turning it into a more traditional single-touchscreen device.

The whole concept sounds similar to what Fujitsu showed off in prototype form at last year's CEATEC, shown above, though obviously a whole lot more commercially-ready. However, the WSJ suggests the Kyocera Echo will be 3G-only, rather than use Sprint's 4G WiMAX network. SlashGear will be at the Sprint event later today, so we'll be bringing you back all the details no matter what the carrier unveils.

[via Android Community]