Fujitsu Dual-Display phone prototype video demo

We can't get enough of the dual-rotating action of Fujitsu's double-screen concept smartphone, which SlashGear Japan caught up with at CEATEC 2010 this week.  The prototype has a pair of huge 960 x 480 touchscreens which can be left in portrait mode as a lengthy flip-phone or twisted down into a broad clamshell.

Video demo after the cut

Unfortunately, according to SlashGear Japan, there's not actually much you can do with the handset right now.  Fujitsu had thrown together a couple of apps to demonstrate what sort of things you could do with such a design – including splitting out Twitter lists across the two panels, flicking photos from a thumbnail preview pane on the lower display to preview it on the upper display, and reading ebooks and websites that scroll smoothly across both screens – but it's far from being a functional smartphone.

That might change, if we're lucky, however.  Fujitsu Japan confirmed that they're considering commercialization of the design, though they wouldn't say whether it would ever make it out of Japan and to the North American or European market.  Considering the high resolution and its potential as a "mini Courier", we hope it does.

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