Sprint and Verizon MiFi 2200 down to $0.01 at Amazon

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We've made no bones about how impressed we are with the MiFi "intelligent mobile hotspot" from Novatel Wireless, having played with both Verizon and Sprint's CDMA models.  If you've been tempted by a 3G hotspot of your own, but been put off by the $300 sticker price, then head over to Amazon where both the Verizon and Sprint models are down to just one cent with a new service plan.

Sprint will charge you $59.99 per month over the course of a two-year agreement, with 5GB of included data each month and a $36 activation fee.  Over the course of the contract you'll have paid $1,475.77.

As for Verizon, they offer two plans – either $39.99 per month for 250MB of data or $59.99 for 5GB like Sprint – and right now Amazon are throwing in up to a $35 rebate to cover your activation charge.  That means you can have a MiFi 2200 for as little as $959.77 if you're a low data user, or $1,439.77 for the same plan as Sprint.

[via Working Anywhere]