Sphero BB-8 updated with exclusive Star Wars content before film's premiere

The Star Wars toy BB-8 by Sphero is given a software update that includes exclusive content from The Force Awakens several weeks before the film's premiere. While you can see the relatively limited holographic projection action released with the device initially in our first BB-8 review, today we're running down the extras delivered in this update. Both C-3PO and R2-D2 are now here to provide us with a couple of clues as to what will be happening in the film. Very, very tiny clues.

R2-D2's content isn't much to behold – he's only capable of speaking in beeps and boops, after all. His alarmed set of chirps gives us some indication that he's in trouble – or is telling us about trouble – but that's to be expected.

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C-3PO's dialog is a little bit more extensive. Sort of. Our golden protocol droid's three lines are as follows:

• "R2-D2 you are a genius."

• "I've never needed your assistance more than at this moment!"

• "Oh my – this is a calamity!"

Of course! Now how we'll fit this all into our fully inclusive fully chronological mega-trailer for the film, we do not quite know. Very little has been seen of either R2 or 3PO thus far, and it doesn't (on the surface) seem that either droid will be playing all that massive a role in the grand scheme of things. We shall see!