Sony X Series OLED Walkman hits SonyStyle USA

Chris Davies - Jul 1, 2009
Sony X Series OLED Walkman hits SonyStyle USA

Sony’s X Series OLED touchscreen Walkman has landed in the US, appearing for sale at the official SonyStyle store.  Both 32GB and 16GB models are listed, priced at $399.99 and $299.99 respectively; that’s the same as we saw back in May, when the PMPs appeared for pre-order on Amazon.

For your money you get up to 33hrs audio playback or up to 9hrs video playback, integrated WiFi and of course that incredible 3-inch OLED touchscreen.  There’s also an integrated RSS podcast download system, internet browser, YouTube player and SlackerRadio client.

We reviewed the Sony X Series OLED Walkman in May, finding the screen and audio quality to be the PMP’s best features.  Sony have priced it up against Apple’s iPod touch models of identical capacity; it remains to be seen whether people will eschew the App Store in favor of arguably better media playback.

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[Thanks Colin!]

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