Sony OLED Walkman X priced: $399.95 for 32GB

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Sony's OLED Walkman X has finally been granted a US price tag.  Two versions of the PMP have been listed on Amazon, the 16GB at $299.95 and the 32GB at $399.95; there's no word on when pre-order shoppers can expect delivery.

Those prices, funnily enough, are the same as Apple are charging for their iPod touch 16GB and 32GB models, which makes the decision even harder.  The iPods have slightly larger displays and access to thousands of third-party applications via the App Store, plus of course the usual Apple brand caché.

However while the Walkman X may lack third-party apps, it counters with higher sound quality and an incredible display.  Both have WiFi and a web browser, together with a YouTube viewer. 

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[via OLED-Info]