Sony Reader ebook team press conference Aug 25th: wireless model coming?

Sony grabbed headlines last week with its duo of new ebook readers, the PRS-300 Pocket and PRS-600 Touch, but it seems they're not quite done in the e-ink space.  MobileRead have been invited to a Sony press conference with the company's Reader team in New York on Monday August 24th Tuesday August 25th, begging the question: what's left to announce?

Update: Sony tell us the press conference is on the 25th, not the 24th.

One possibility is that the event will see the ebook readers make their official debut, given that there was some feeling that Sony had been rushed in their announcement after details of the two models leaked last Monday.  In that case, the event could merely be a chance for them to demonstrate the as-yet-unseen PRS-300 and PRS-600's hardware, and give press a hands-on opportunity.

Alternatively – and the option we're more hopeful for – is the idea that Sony could be holding back on launching a third model, the wireless-enabled ebook reader tipped back in July.  This would presumably sit above the PRS-600 – likely with touchscreen functionality of its own – and take on the Amazon Kindle's wireless distribution system.