Sony PS3 250GB hits Japan February 18

Chris Davies - Jan 14, 2010
Sony PS3 250GB hits Japan February 18

Sony Japan may have released the first PS3 with a 250GB hard-drive – in the shape of the Final Fantasy XIII limited edition back in September 2009 – but until now they’ve not had a mainstream version; that’s all changing as of February 18th.  The company have announced that the Sony PlayStation 3 250GB will arrive in Japan for 34,980 yen ($382).

It’s unclear from the press release if the console will replace the existing, 120GB PS3 available in Japan, or go on sale alongside it.  Other than the storage bump, specifications are the same as before, which means Blu-ray 1080p playback along with internet access and, of course, gaming.  The 250GB PS3 arrived in the US back in November 2009.

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