Sony 250GB PlayStation 3 arriving in US on November 3rd

It's not just the Japanese getting some 250GB PlayStation3 love; Sony US have announced that there's a 250GB version of the PS3 Slim incoming for their gamers too.  The 250GB PS3 Slim will land on November 3rd, and be functionally identical to its existing 120GB sibling; unlike in Japan, there'll be no bundled games or unusual color editions.

The 250GB Sony PlayStation 3 Slim will be priced at $349.99, $50 more than the existing model.  Sony have purposefully made the hard-drive on the console reasonably easy to access, so those who have already been enjoying their slimline gaming but would now like some extra space can upgrade the drive themselves and do so, we're told, without affecting their warranty.

It seems likely that Sony will follow up with gaming bundle versions of the console, but for now, if you're considering making the PS3 Slim the centerpiece of your home entertainment setup, we'd recommend waiting until early November.  More details here [pdf link].