Sony: PlayStation Network Will Get Full Reboot By May 31st

Sony had promised a phased return of their PlayStation Network and Qriocity services, with portions of the systems back online by last week. But, after their Sony Online Entertainment portal also got hacked along with newly discovered security issues and a threat of another possible attack this past weekend, all their networks remain offline as of today.

The company has revealed very little information about the issues they've discovered and have stayed mum on a more concrete timeline. However, today, Sony's spokesperson in Tokyo, Shigenori Yoshida, confirmed that their company is still uncertain of when their services would return but plans to completely reboot the services by May 31st. If services do not return until the end of May, it would certainly make this the longest outage, if not already the biggest cyber attack of all time.

The PSN was first shut down on April 20th, after Sony discovered an "external intrusion." They later revealed that the PSN was indeed hacked with the personal information and credit card data of its over 70 million members possibly compromised. Their Sony Online Entertainment system of over 20 million members was later discovered to also be compromised. For the a quick recap of all Sony developments last week, go here.

[via BloomBerg]