Sony NGP could hit Europe before US/Japan on November 11?

Sony's NGP could arrive in Europe first, rather than Japan, according to the latest batch of rumors. According to MCVUK's sources, among third-party licensees, Sony has set development deadlines for "key Western releases" to ensure projects are completed before the end of the summer and in time for a fall deployment.

That deployment, it's been suggested, could culminate in a November 11 release date. Sony had previously said that the "goal is get at least one territory out by the end of holiday 2011" though failed to specify which territories it had in mind.

Also unknown is how Sony will price the NGP, having only said that it will be less than $599. Both WiFi-only and 3G versions are on the roadmap, along with a new push into cross-platform NGP and Android smartphone gaming.

[Thanks Tony!]