Sony event set for 4th of September: Honami, Lens Cameras, action cameras ahoy

As predicted, a 4th of September event has been offered up in invite form from the folks at Sony this week for play during IFA 2013. This event invite doesn't offer any clues on what devices will be shown specifically, but based on what rumors and tips we've been privy to this week, there'll be at least a couple of handfuls of smart photo-taking machines you'll want to watch out for.

This event has been tipped to play host to Sony's next smartphone: Honami. This is a code-name for what'll eventually be called Sony Xperia i1, a next-level release working with the successful bits in the Sony Xperia Z, making the whole handset a whole lot larger in more ways than one. The Xperia i1 is said to bring on a significantly larger display as well as a 20+ megapixel camera at its back, ready for Sony's newest in camera software inside – advanced even beyond the Xperia Z's built-in app.

Next is a double-dose of what Sony will soon be calling Lens Cameras. These devices do not do much of anything on their own, but attached (magnetically) to a smartphone – and not just a Sony smartphone, Androids of all kinds and iPhone too – they become powerful cameras in and of themselves. Using Android and iOS apps tuned specifically to the Lens Camera line, Sony aims to make your smartphone go big with camera power in two beastly sizes.

Finally there's a new line of Sony action cameras that'll likely be appearing – we've not yet heard a peep about these other than the idea that they exist, and that they'll be appearing on the 4th. These devices will likely be incremental updates to past models with additional focus on web connectivity, one way or another.