Sony dual-display touchscreen ereader patent application unearthed

Chris Davies - May 28, 2010
Sony dual-display touchscreen ereader patent application unearthed

A new patent application from Sony suggests the company might be the latest to jump on the dual-display ereader bandwagon.  Unlike the nook and Spring Design Alex, however, the Sony design would incorporate its two screens into a foldable housing that could be used in either book orientation or, rotated 90-degrees, in a notebook orientation.

According to Sony’s description, the device would have two touchscreens and could show an on-screen keyboard on the lower display when in notebook orientation.  Flips between the two modes could be triggered by an accelerometer or a manual control, and Sony also envisage the possibility of solar panels to help with recharging the batteries.

Meanwhile integrated GPS could be used to pull in location-specific information into compatible ebooks.  While billed as an ereader, Sony’s application also suggests that the device could run other apps such as a word-processor; that pulls the ereader into more of a dual-display notebook, such as we’ve seen in the company’s OLED concept (shown below).

[via GoRumors]

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