Sony flexible OLED notebook concept gets second outing

Sony may not have made any significant changes to their flexible OLED laptop concept since we saw it first at CES back in January, but the sleek prototype is so alluring that SlashGear Japan couldn't walk past it at CEATEC this week without grabbing a photo.  Intended to showcase the potential of ultra-thin OLED touchscreens, the concept combines both display and keyboard into a single, flexible layer.

The idea is that the notebook would use one of Sony's 0.2mm-thick OLED panels, which the company also had on show – and working – alongside the non-functional mock-up.  Thanks to OLED's frugal power demands you'd end up with a notebook that not only could deliver non-standard keyboard and control layouts – Apple take note, please – but do so for extended periods.

Also on the stand were a compact OLED ebook reader and a Walkman bracelet that looked more like a Tokyoflash watch than it resembled anything in Sony's current range.  All three are far from production-ready, so we'll have to drool from afar for a while longer sadly.