Sonos offers matte SUB in stock-limited $599 sale

Chris Davies - Mar 19, 2013
Sonos offers matte SUB in stock-limited $599 sale

The cheaper, matte black version of Sonos‘ SUB has finally gone on sale, though you’ll need to be fast to save $100 on the wireless subwoofer. Promised back at the SUB’s reveal in May last year, but missing in action since then, the original plan was to have the matte-finish SUB offered for $599 and the gloss version – which we reviewed here – sold at a premium. However, manufacturing plans scuppered that idea, but Sonos has thrown up a limited number of the matte models in a temporary sale.

“When we began planning the SUB product, our estimates showed that the Matte SUB would cost less to produce than the gloss SUB” a company representative said today. “During the manufacturing process, we determined that this was not the case. In addition, the gloss finish has been well-received by our customers and continues to be in high-demand.”

So as to keep to its original commitment to owners, however, Sonos will offer a “very limited quantity” of the matte-finish version over the next two weeks. On sale until supplies run out, or April 2, whichever comes first, the $599 subwoofer is functionally identical to the glossy SUB only with the different finish.

Sonos is already selling the SUB through its own store, priced at $599/€599/£499, but says that Amazon and Best Buy will also be offering it in the US and Canada eventually. Local dealers may also have “limited stock” too.

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