Sonos Move replacement battery kit gets priced up

Sonos has announced a replacement battery kit for the Sonos Move, the wireless speaker it launched back in 2019. Move connects to both a Sonos network of multi-room speakers or to a Bluetooth source directly, with the company suggesting that the battery should last for around three years or 900 charges.

From the outset, though, Sonos had been talking about replacement batteries. Indeed, Move was designed to make that process straightforward, with the battery pack relatively modular so that owners could switch it out for a new version should their speaker start to hold less of a charge each time.

What we didn't know, however, was just how much that replacement battery might cost. Sonos has confirmed it today, with the battery kit coming in at $69. It'll be offered in both the original Shadow Black finish that Move launched in, and the newer Lunar White finish that Sonos added as an option last year.

The battery itself is rated for the same three years or roughly 900 charges as the original. The replacement kit includes both it and the tools and replacement screws necessary to switch it out. That consists of a small hex key and a plectrum-like tool.

Sonos Move proved fairly controversial back when the company first announced the speaker. Although it said that a portable, wireless version was one of the most-requested additions to the line-up, Sonos' choice of price tag – $399 for a single Move, including the charging base – raised some eyebrows given the cost of rival Bluetooth and WiFi speakers.

What those rivals lack, of course, is integration with the rest of Sonos' range. In WiFi mode, Move links to the network with the rest of a home's speakers, and can be grouped accordingly with them. Switched into Bluetooth mode, meanwhile, and it can pair directly with a smartphone, laptop, or other similar source. It also debuted an auto-tuning version of Sonos' Trueplay system, which uses microphones built into the portable speaker to automatically adjust its sound profiles according to the ambient acoustics of the space it's in.

Sonos pushed out an update last year, which extended the battery life owners could expect by about an hour. With this new battery replacement kit, meanwhile, it promises a longer lifetime for Move. It's available to order now, direct from Sonos.