Snapchat “Our Story” makes shared scrapbooks for events

Chris Davies - Jun 17, 2014, 11:57am CDT
Snapchat “Our Story” makes shared scrapbooks for events

Snapchat may be best known for making sharing saucy photos with a friend quietly straightforward, but the app has ambitions to collaboratively document events based on who’s there with Our Story. Building on My Story, the shared personal narratives built up of photos, text, and video that any Snapchatter can create, Our Story centers on an event not an individual – such as a concert or a sports game – with a shared media pool.

So, if you’re at an event where Our Story has been activated, you can use Snapchat’s camera to add photos and video into the collective pool of content. Everyone there will see the additions live.

Snapchat will use Our Story for the first time at the Electric Daisy Carnival at the weekend: a new “Our EDC Story” option will appear in the “Send to…” menu, with location-based tracking to make sure that those taking part actually are at the event.

Anyone without tickets, meanwhile, will be able to open up the Our EDC Story from the app and see what’s happening remotely.

Snapchat says it will be watching the content closely to make sure that there’s nothing inappropriate being shared, as well as paring it down if it gets too long. There’s also no way, currently, for individuals to start their own collaborative event; right now, it’s down to Snapchat to start the ball rolling.

That’s at odds with what Google tried a few years back with Google+ Events Party Mode, a system for building a real-time stream of photos shared from everyone at a group gathering or similar. More recently, Photowall for Chromecast turned TVs into shared scrapbooks.

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