Smartwatch-toting is designing a Lexus NX because fashion

It's a tough world if you're holding out for a compact crossover designed by a rapper, producer, and fledgling-smartwatch-designer, but thankfully Lexus has heard our plaintive cries and brought in to cook up such a car. A special edition of the new Lexus NX we drove last month is in the works, designed by the multi-faceted musician.

There's also a "short collaborative film" – yes, it looks like a music video to us, too – using's track Dreaming About the Future and new custom graphics inspired by the NX's L-finesse design language.

Exactly what will be done to the NX to give it the old treatment remains to be seen, though it's likely to build on Lexus' own work with the F SPORT body kit. It'll make its first appearance later in the year.

Meanwhile, the musician conspicuously continues to wear his own smartwatch, though the techie timepiece has missed its original July launch window. The bracelet-style wearable has integrated cellular connectivity rather than demanding a pairing with a smartphone, has said previously.

Interestingly that's the same as the Timex GPS One+ smartwatch announced earlier today, which has an AT&T data connection of its own. That doesn't support voice calls, however, which is one of the features has said his wearable includes.

Timex's watch is based on Qualcomm's Toq reference design, and sources tell SlashGear that Qualcomm has also had a hand in's hardware. There's also chatter of AT&T involvement, and we hear whispers of an unusual service plan that would work with an existing voice line – potentially even using the same phone number – rather than be in addition to it.

We'll know more when the smartwatch finally makes its debut, whenever that takes place. The Lexus NX, meanwhile, is set to hit forecourts later in 2014.