Will.i.am reveals his smartwatch, plans a July release

Better known for his musical talents and association with the popular band Black Eyes Peas, singer and songwriter will.i.am moonlights as a serial entrepreneur and innovator during his time off music. This time around, he is in the news for his latest innovation, a smartwatch, which was revealed on a British chat show.

As the guest of the show called Alan Carr: Chatty Man, will.i.am was seen wearing two smart black bands around his wrists. As he spoke more about his new concept, will.i.am demonstrated a few of the functions hosted on the device; the most apparent one being the phone function. Like will.i.am stated, he no longer carried his mobile phone, as the smartwatch was capable of calling up his contacts.

He even went on to demo a little bit of how he makes his calls now. Another revelation came in the form of the music integration. Apparently he now carries his playlist on his wrist. Design-wise, the device looks sleek in its grainy matt finish, with a mid-size display. The little glimpse that we manage to get of the gadget helps us establish only this much.

According to will.i.am, he has backed and funded the project with his own hard cash. The accompanying video goes on to show that most of the functions are through scrolling, tapping and swapping gestures. The quality of sound produced will be dependent on the Bluetooth headset that you team the smartwatch with. A tweet between the rapper-turned-entrepreneur and the show host, confirms that the watch will be out by this July. We'll keep an eye on it for you and update you on its details.

SOURCE: Engadget