Sleek by 50 Headphones Finished, G-Unit and Sleek Part Ways, World Weeps

Did you know that rapper 50 Cent had his own line of headphones? We did, we got a look at the units way back at the beginning of this year at CES 2011 – $400 headphones with some lovely features, the unit called a "Wireless Hybrid," able to work with or without a cord – the cord in place incase you run out of rechargeable power. All that's over now! It seems that 50 Cent and his G-Unit have decided that they don't agree with the path that Sleek by 50 was going down, thusly Sleek and the rap label have parted ways. Let's have a moment of silence for what was certainly going to be the most important collaboration of our time.

Sleek Audio LLC ("Sleek") and G-Unit Brands, Inc. ("G-Unit") have officially canceled their plans to develop products under the "Sleek by 50" brand. In addition to the headphones, they've of course decided to cut ties between G-Unit and TV Goods, Inc, which would have been where video production took place for commercials and whatnot. Sleek is currently "re-evaluating" their over-the-ear headphones for a later date, while 50 and crew are more than likely thinking about how terrible it is not to have their own headphone line.

Meanwhile, the rumors continue to surround the rapper and his former good pal Dr Dre, the man credited on many fronts with bringing the currency-themed artist to the forefront some 10 years ago with his buddy Eminem. These rumors of hate between the tag team of Eminem and Dre vs 50 culminate at the music video "I Need a Doctor" which features a montage of Dre's portages but fails to include 50, one of his biggest. What could it mean? Folks in the rap community are adamant that it means that Dre is kind of sort of peeved that his good buddy would attempt to take away any of his Beats by Dre market away with a 50 Cent headphones line.

The nerve!

Either way, no more 50 Cent headphones. Saddest day ever. Take a peek at the press release below and the "I Need a Doctor" video above for some bonus HP TouchPad and Pre3 action. You know you want it!

Sleek Audio and G-Unit Brands, Inc, 50 Cent's Licensing Company, Cancel Plans to Develop Products Under the "Sleek by 50" Brand

Palmetto, Fl. XX, 2011 – Sleek Audio today announced the termination of the Brand License Agreement between Sleek Audio LLC ("Sleek") and G-Unit Brands, Inc. ("G-Unit"), 50 Cent's licensing company. In addition, the Brand License Agreement, including video production, between TV Goods, Inc, Sleek and G-Unit has also been terminated.

"We will be re-evaluating our Wireless Hybrid over-the-ear headphones at a later date. Currently we are working to bring our new, U.S.-made in-ear products to the market," said Mark Krywko, CEO of Sleek Audio.

Sleek Audio is in production of the highly anticipated, U.S.-made SA6-R Wireless Hybrid earphone and award-winning SA7 earphone, which earned the Best of Innovations title in the headphone category at CES 2011. Sleek is also producing its acclaimed PRO Series comprised of hand-made, Wireless Hybrid custom earphones including the CT6 and all-new CT7.