SlashGear's Week in Review

After a few massive releases (anybody got a spare PS3 lying around?) it's been a week of disposing of packaging and measuring the damage of Wii controllers making expensive impacts with big-screen TVs.  SlashGear has had its fair share of unboxings, too, with Parrot's Bluetooth Wireless Speakers, the iZ3D Gaming Monitor and Samsung Q1b all preening for the camera.  In fact we and our sibling site Unbox.IT have been featured in the Wall Street Journal this week, in an article on the unboxing craze sweeping the blogosphere.

There's also been a big step forward in mobile internet, with the Sprint U720 EVDO Rev.A USB adaptor dropping into our laps and being the subject of some exclusive videos.  We also managed to get it up and running on the MacBook Pro, thanks to some judicious software swapping.

Finally, we can't let this opportunity go by without mentioning the sad passing of CNET's James Kim, who died in the noble attempt to secure the rescue of his family.  James, and his contribution to reporting, will be greatly missed.