SlashGear Officially on Google+, Join the G+ Party!

So there's this company called Google, right, and they've got a brand new social networking community by the name of Google+, correct? We've got the full lowdown on the situation in a couple of posts: SlashGear 101: What is Google+? and A Google+ Guide from Top to Bottom. Once you've read those and have a full understanding of the excellence of this environment, do read on. Your favorite tech and gadget site SlashGear is in on the ground level and we want you to take part in the party!

As you may already know, Google+ is still in beta mode. What this means is that there are certainly a load of bugs in the system, popping up here or there, and only a select few are or have been invited to take part. We were lucky enough to be invited, our whole crew in fact, and we want to let you know how to tie yourself in for the ride as soon as possible! You can check out our Google+ Invite Work-Around Active Now! post (de-activated again for now,) or our Get Google+ Invites from SlashGear post (still a line!) then check out our hefty list of team members you can connect with:

Vince king of Behind the Scenes!

Rue on the SG beats!

Cory from the Feeds!

Sam from the Forums!

Daniel in the Guts!

John hugging Androids!

Burnsy yours truly!

Simms22 ruler of the Pits!

Chris straight off the Streets of London!

Avi from out east!

Ewdi our man in Japan!

Shane on the morning tip!

And everyone else is still creeping around!

Then there's the big one everyone should follow: SlashGear Official!

If you've taken part in one of our invite initiatives so far, you may well already be in on the program, having been invited by a team-member or the SlashGear official profile, either way, this means you'll have instant access to all things G+ SlashGear, right off the bat!