Google+ Invite Work-Around Active Now!

We're all really rather pumped up about the brand new program put out by Google to help everyone in the world be more social and have a great time sharing their interests and lives and whatnot with one another, this program called Google+ – I'm sure you've heard of it. I'm also pretty sure that you'd have heard about the fact that this program is still only open to those who've got invites to be a part of the program. Up until now these were only people who were specifically invited to be a part of the Beta by Google – now there's a way in for everyone!

Now we're not entirely sure that Google has approved of this "work-around" situation we've got here, nor are we sure how long it'll remain open, so you'd better get to it instantly! Reports are that it worked last night for a while, then wasn't active for several hours this morning, and is now active once more. The instructions for getting someone a brand spanking new working invite are thus, and must be executed by someone already in the program:

1) Add the person's email to one of your circles

2) Share something with that circle, making sure you've checked the option to share via email to the person without Google+

3) That person receives an email with whatever you shared, and a big orange button prompting them to learn more about Google+

4) If they click it they will be prompted to join!

From there they'll be ready to enjoy all the sweet, sweet social networking that goes on inside Google+, including everything yours truly has outlined in the following post: A Google+ Guide from Top to Bottom. You can also check out a couple other Google+ articles by the names of the following:

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[via Android Community]