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As you may already be aware, Google has launched their latest social networking effort as Google+. This project exists as both a mobile application suite and a web-based program where you're invited to share with all of your pals everything you'd normally share through other 3rd party systems. Google has here capitalized on the fact that already thousands and millions of people are connected to their network with things like Gmail and are pumping up the shares, video chat, interest browsing and more. But it's still all in Beta! How does one earn an invite to such a program? Let's have a talk!

Just yesterday it appeared that the Beta for Google+ was closed off to all but a select handful of participants picked specifically by Google to represent the program the best and provide feedback to the company for the quick expansion of said program. All that seemed to be blown apart when it was discovered that there was an invite button in the lower right hand corner of everyone's screen when browsing Google+ in the web! But alas, since those faithful hours, Vic G has dashed our dreams for a fully integrated ecosystem again:

But we love Vic, and we know that the doors will be opened again, and soon! So what we'd love to do for you is to get you up on that list as fast as possible right through here in the Google+ SlashGear Invites post. All you've got to do is list your Gmail email and name below and we'll get to you as soon as the invite doors are again blasted open!

UPDATE: all comments will now be "held for moderation" which means we'll be the only ones who get to see them. If you commented before this change, your email was collected by us JUST for this Google+ invite post, and for nothing more, and will not be displayed below — this was done due to concern over SPAM, which we do indeed hate!

Meanwhile, have a look at our own suite of posts on the subject so that you might be fully informed by the time you get in!

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UPDATE: 251 of you added – keep em coming!