SlashGear Morning Wrap-Up: April 7th, 2011

Welcome to Android Morning – that's where we are today. Of course, if you like, you could look at a few video games while you're at it, as we've been dipping our fingers into those circuits this morning as well. First let us speak of Google, a group that's just purchased a content farm – no, server space – no, how about almost half of a German solar power plant? Yes indeed! What'll you do next, Google, get involved at a government level? I hope so!

Android's sure to be interesting day starts off with Google's Andy Rubin insisting that Anti-Fragmentation rumors are FUD. FUD, for those that do not know, means "fear, uncertainty, and doubt," and refers to a term that means disinformation used to build doubt about one's competitors. Chris Davies columns all about it. We're sure Andy is feeling pretty secure with word of Android owning 49% of the smartphone market by the end of 2012.

A couple of bonus tidbits: HTC EVO View 4G back to Gingerbread and

Hands-On with the Samsung Gem on U.S. Cellular andHTC Pyramid Roundup

Then you've got a stack of games waiting for you in Atari's Greatest Hits being released for iOS. Next, grab yourself your childhood dream in the retro-themed, brand spanking new Commodore 64 keyboard computer. So weird! You need not worry about the Japanese earthquake delaying the release of the NGP. EA gets punched in the face with a class-action suit over football game antitrust – aka EA, YOU MAKE GAMES WAAAY TOO WELL.

And YES you can have your Apple news too: Apple seeks patent for hybrid display which employs e-paper and LCD for a dual-purpose device. Exciting!