Sony says Japanese disaster won't delay launch of NGP

A few days ago, we mentioned that the Sony NGP might be delayed due to production issues resulting from the disaster in Japan right now. The story of delays in the next portable console from Sony started with Bloomberg and now Sony is saying that the Bloomberg report was not correct.

According to Sony spokesman Satoshi Fukuoka the launch of the NGP is on track. The console is still on track to launch with its original time line. The Bloomberg story claimed that the NGP might only be launched in one of the three major regions Sony was targeting in Asia, Europe, and the US.

Fukuoka said that Sony has never stated that the NGP would launch in all three regions at the same time. That means that the NGP may in fact only launch in one of the areas just as Bloomberg noted. Fukuoka said, "So far we see no impact from the quake on our launch plan."