SlashGear live at WWDC 2013: We're here!

This year's big Apple developers conference has arrived, WWDC 2013, and SlashGear is now on the scene to bring the full top-to-bottom report to you, up close and personal. While the main entry point for Apple's major keynote for this multi-day event will be accessible to you via SlashGear's WWDC 2013 liveblog portal (starting at 10AM PST, June 10th), you'll also want to catch up on Apple news, tips, and rumors leading up to this event.

Inside SlashGear's WWDC 2013 tag portal you'll find all of the tips, suggestions, and "confirmations" you need on the software and hardware that'll be revealed this week. If you'd like to go back further than this year's event, you can also jump in on SlashGear's WWDC general tag portal – this will be open for action well into the future, too.

Over the past couple of days we've gone through essentially anything and everything that could be revealed over the next week – that is, any and all things with clues out there in the wild thus far. Should Apple break out some completely unforeseen features and/or devices, we'll be right there with you seeing it first.

Start your journey off on the inside of Apple's machines with our Software Rumors and Expectations. Next you'll want to jump in to not just what we expect for software on the mobile end, but what we wish we'd be seeing: iOS update : 8 features we're expecting (or at least hoping for). Outside you'll certainly want to be gearing up for WWDC Hardware Rumors and Expectations, while no media event with doors wide open with possibility would be complete without a guide for What you WONT be seeing.

If you're unable to find your favorite device or feature in the collection of "expectations and rumors" posts above, polarizing features and all, please feel free to make a suggestion below. We'll be up all night – let's chat! And remember, we'll have details galore throughout the day and the week both in SlashGear's Live portal and right up on the front page in the main news feed – stay tuned!