SlashGear Evening Wrap-Up: June 18, 2012

Happy Monday, everyone. Hopefully you all had a great weekend, and are ready to immerse yourselves with the top tech stories of the day. We'll soon have an analysis of Microsoft's big event today, but here's other stuff – Samsung Galaxy S III USA carrier prices and dates collected. Moving along, Apple's future trillion-dollar value touted by analyst. And...Facebook's 100m deal official.Featured: So check in later for all our coverage of Microsoft's event tonight, but here's a first look – Why Microsoft chose Milk Studios for today's special event. And now we have a couple of reviews. First up - Acer Aspire AM3970G-UW10P Desktop PC + 23-inch Monitor Review. And here's something that's pretty cool - Kia Soul review.Nissan, Xbox, & Astronauts: And now, moving right along to the other tech news that made headlines today. We just mentioned our Kia Soul review, so now check this other automotive story out – Nissan Leaf battery to power homes. In the world of gaming, we have this – Microsoft Xbox Surface predicted back in 2010. And finally, here's something truly cool – China's first female astronaut heads to space.